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Custom Fire Pits

Being able to enjoy your outdoor space with friends and family is important to you, and creating a custom fire pit on your property is a great way to achieve this. Custom fire pits add a high degree of warmth, beauty, and enjoyment to nearly any area, and can be enjoyed throughout the year. At Pavers by Pace, we can help you design and install a fire pit to your exact specifications- one that will provide the perfect gathering spot for food, fun, and entertainment during any season of the year!

Custom Fire Pit installation by Pavers by Pace in a cozy outdoor yard in Pelham, NH

Enjoy Warmth & Enjoyment During Any Season!

Our custom fire pits are:
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Made from the highest-quality materials

This inviting and cozy element will be the perfect addition to your space and something that everyone can enjoy. For more information on custom fire pits from our North Shore Area brick pavers, and to schedule a free estimate, call us today at (603) 944-1785.

Call Us Today To Schedule Your Free Estimate With Our Pavers!